Ely 2 SB

Scott Linde's Healthy Choice

Our company name is GO BIG TRUCK PERFORMANCE and it’s named that way for a reason.

Scott Linde is a perfect example of that with his 2019 Ford F250 Powerstroke topped off with a behemoth KIMBO camper. Yeah, we said behemoth, no other words can describe this awesome truck. Scott wanted to go big with his F250 and wanted it to drive as well as it looks.

Before we get into the technical part. We wanted to mention that we get customers from all over California, Arizona, and Nevada, but if you noticed Scott hails from Minnesota.

Yes, you read that right, Minnesota. Now we know he didn’t travel all the way from Minnesota just to have his truck worked on by us, or did he? Well, he kinda did. You see Scott is from Ely Minnesota and his business headquarters are in Santa Barbara Ca. Hence the license plate “Ely 2 SB. He wanted a Carli kit and lucky for us they recommended GO BIG to do the install.

Scott’s upgrade list is long and we included a tech box with all the goodies so if you want your truck or Jeep to keep up with Scott this is what we did for him.

The only thing we didn’t do is Zombie proof it. He is coming back to get some BajaDesigns lighting installed for those Sasquatch sightings on those dark lonely mountain roads. Thanks, Scott we’ll see you soon.

When Scott is not traversing the wilderness he is running his health supplement company, SUN POTION Transformational Foods. You can check out his website and Instagram @sunpotion for more info.

Stay healthy and keep truckin' folks!

Go Big Tech: 2019 F250