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Tiger & Annie

As a family-owned business with strong ties in the community. Tiger and Annie Garcia have established themselves as the premier custom truck, Jeep, and SUV suspension shop in Ventura County. They opened their first shop in 2006 and have been growing ever since. Tiger and Annie don’t just build custom trucks, they live the lifestyle as owners of custom lifted off road trucks and Jeeps that see plenty of action when they’re not building wild rides for their customers. We understand the needs of our customers. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a serious off-roader GO BIG can build your truck, Jeep, SUV, Sprinter van or UTV. Using high quality parts from some of the biggest names in the off-road industry.

Mild-to-wild & custom built

We here at GO BIG understand that no two vehicles are alike, and our customers' needs go from mild to wild. We prefer the wild, but that’s just us. If you’re looking for a simple leveling kit to run a bit larger tire and enhance the look of your truck, we got you buddy. But if you’re looking to build one of the baddest trucks, Jeep, SUV, UTV or Sprinter Vans, we got you there too! Our talented technicians live the lifestyle and understand what it takes to GO BIG. From 3-inch to 10-inch lift kits, multiple shock systems, winches, lighting, and power AMP steps. We even install superchargers for those customers that want to go fast. GO BIG is a full-service Off-Road suspension shop with a huge selection of custom wheels and tires to handle any situation your heart desires. So come down and let us design a suspension system for your vehicle with the accessories you need too.

GO BIG NOTE: Because of high demand for automotive parts, some items may take longer to ship.

We're not satisfied until you are

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority at Go BIG by building a personal and interactive relationship with our customers. All installations are done in house, and when we say in house we’re talking about a 9000 sq. ft. building that houses 6 vehicle lifts and a complete tire mounting and balancing facility.

Our service doesn't end at delivery

The pride in our family-owned business and the pride we take in our work doesn’t end after the sale. We value each of our customers and strive to make every experience at GO BIG an excellent one. We take the time to understand the needs of our customers and encourage them to bring their vehicle back for a FREE re-torquing and inspection of all bolts and products that were installed and FREE tire rotation of any wheel tire combo that was purchased at GO BIG.

GO BIG tire 101: What tires?

The question we get the most is, “What kind of tires should I get?” Which is right up there with “What kind of food should I eat?” We’re here to answer those questions and guide you to the right tire application for your vehicle
We’re going to use the NITTO tire series of off-road tires as an example because they are one of the most popular brands of tire and have excellent wear and performance. There are many other top-quality brands that are just as good and we offer them too, but that would take the whole website to explain. So, grab a cold beverage of your choice and click the link below. Get ready to be educated on Tire 101. You’ll soon be spouting tire lingo like, high void ratio and tread blocks to all your friends and neighbors.
Read on little campers...